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Denver, NC
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Intelligent Technologies for Perfect Cooking

Unox designs and manufactures the top Combi ovens in the industry, suitable for large kitchens and banqueting, catering chains, fast food, bakery and fresh and frozen pastries. Unox combi ovens can be used:

  • As convection ovens (dry air mode) – Dehydrate the outside while keeping the inside soft for dishes such as roasts.
  • As steam ovens (steam mode) – Boil vegetables, fish, and rice with steam.
  • Combining both dry air and steam (mixed mode) – For long cooking or to balance the dehydration of a dish.

Professional Gas & Electric Ovens

  • CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ Oven Ranges
  • EVEREO® MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum Systems
  • Air Extraction Systems
  • SMART.Drain Fat Collection
  • HYPER.Smoker
  • QUICK.Load & Neutral Trolleys
  • LIEVOX Proofers
  • Floor Positioning Accessories

Featured Video: CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG PLUS

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